Especially in highly populated cities where space is limited and the m2 price is skyrocketing, think of cities as London, Amsterdam or Madrid it is important to make the most of every square meter. That is why we have invented the Q-pool city pool. Thanks to the smart pool solution called Q-pool, you can have a pool and a terrace in one, without wasting valuable space.


Q-pool is a high quality multifunctional smart pool solution which includes a tiled city pool with an automatic pool deck and an ambient light.



    Perfect solution for limited spaces

    Since the Q-pool can be used as both a swimming pool and an extension of the living environment. It offers the ultimate solution for backyards with limited space. The pool deck has a load capacity of more than 125kg m2 which makes it perfectly suited to function as for example a patio to relax on or a playground for children.

    Expand your living space

    The pool deck is operated using a simple Up and Down Button. To prevent unauthorized persons, such as small children, from operating the pool deck, the controls are equipped with key security. When the pool deck is open, the swimming pool can be used to its full potential. When closed the Q-pool functions an extension of the living environment.

    Customized city pool

    There are countless ways to personalize the Q-POOL. Therefore we offer various options for the finish of the city-pool. You can choose from several types of mosaic and natural stone finishes. (Almost) everything is possible. We also offer a massage system as an additional feature to create the ultimate feeling of luxury.

    Short installation time

    Because the Q-pool is delivered and tested as a pre-assembled pool (city-pool with RGB-led and attached pool deck), the installation time is shorter than any other pool – simply hoist it in the desired position.

    Ultimate safety

    When closed, the swimming pool is inaccessible for incorrect or unsupervised use and hazards like drowning are eliminated. This increases safety for users, especially children and pets.

    High insulation

    Thanks to its tight closure, the automatic pool deck insulates the pool. This way the water of the Q-pool heats up faster and retains heat longer. As a result, savings are at a maximum.

    Water treatment options

    If required, we can provide a matching filter pump and heat pump for your Q-pool. This allows you to create a pleasant and hygienic swimming environment.


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